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we worship the Coriolis force


The Isadorino Gore Dance Cooperative (2012) was founded by Sasha Portyannikova and Daria Plokhova, alumnae of the Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Sasha and Daria are independent choreographers, dancers and educators. They regard dance as a cultural phenomenon, which they explore via the collective’s dance performances, instruction in contemporary dance technique, constant experiments and research of various movements/art forms.


Their moniker, Isadorino Gore, is a play on words that references pioneer of modern dance—Isadora Duncan, and the Russian fairy tale—“Fedora’s Sorrow,” making its direct translation (“Isadora’s Sorrow”) kind of a joke.


We are dance cooperative Isadorino Gore, flesh and blood of Russian dance hyperreality—we take on everything we see on, and beyond, this reality’s surface.

Incidentally and haphazardly, we rely on institutional marginality and cultivate marginal institutionalism. We moonlight, developing bodily futuristic imagination and liberate internal organs from preconceived notions and myofascia from hegemonic politics.

Current project

Soviet Gesture


• Handcrafted Digitale Morfing


 Zaryadye. Gift return

•  Laboratory of Local Empathy/ part of Escapism traning program


Kvartirnik of the 3d edirion / with Anya Antipova and Anya Kravchenko


• Sensuality Elective

videodance Bludenz /director and cameraman Katya Kesten, music Dmitri Kourliandski

 performative path_Ford

PUST* /interdisciplinary project: light, dance, sound, finding/created objects and documents

• conference Coordinate System (Berlin)


The Mass Structure / site-specific performance


Escalation of Heroism / site-specific performance

 Avatar / solo Denis Boroditsky - award of the Union of theatrical figures

 Snail on the Slope / street performance

 Hiding Celebrations / site-specific performance created in a fountain Stone Flower

 Cocoon / site-specific performance(Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow)

 Stupor or Disability Knights / dance research
 Light Transitions / art intervention


 Behind the Iron Curtain / site-specific performance
 Regional Body / performance / research / installation
 Bubble Dream / outdoor site-specific performance
 Ai–yai–yai performance or Harmonic Oscillator / performance-installation
 Lezginka Today / dance performance


 Point of View / site-specific performance

 qr_trip / performance-study / series of performances held in Pskov, Jurmala, Riga and Moscow

 Waterline / site-specific performance


 Bench / street performance

 He was her husband / gallery performance (ART re.FLEX gallery, St. Petersburg)

 Cake with meaning / street performance

 Let's Lack / dance performance /created in iaab residence in frame of Culturescapes festival (Basel, Switzerland)

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