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winter - spring 2014

It was -20 in Moscow on the 30th of January. Our cooperative action with Amnesty International, organization for human rights protection, where I dance dying swan with chained arms, happened in this beautiful weather. Generally, there is a lot of truth about Russia in this situation: that our climate doesn’t facilitate to development of street action art, that the only recognized image of dancer is a swan, and also that permission for protest action could be obtain only for a place where no one besides journalists will be able to see it.


23rd of February to Muzeon park. We saved the world from the Cold War!

Every Sunday in February 2014 we were first educational laboratory

Theory and practice of contemporary dance


At the 8th & 9th of March in Yaroslavl classes of contemporary dance

at the 9th Match started new project. vk.



26th of April Challenge Jam #5,

leaded Efgraf Sorokin. 

For all details go by facebook or VK.

15th of March Challenge Jam#4. 

Details here facebook or  VK

Challenge Jam is a cross between untethered disco and dance laboratory.  Frequent visitors, also please do not be so lazy to go to the link - you will find several innovations;)



23rd of May at 18.30 in the Yaroslavl Art Museum will be presented preliminary performance of the Regional body project. We are waiting for all curious and indifferent to contemporary art and Yaroslavl city.


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